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I had a ton of fun with this game! The choices seem to matter a ton, and I loved that! Even if they didn't always work out in my favor :P

The game is quirky, and the characters you meet are hilarious. Though I didn't find the "lose" condition. I thought maybe getting your heart to maximum darkness did it, but you still end up "winning". Even though I didn't feel like a winner it was still fun to play and I'll play it again to find different ending if there are any.

It was fun for a bit, however, there seems to be no way to win with ANY kind of goodness in the bear's heart. Most creatures don't even have a good way of doing things but you can't progress unless you talk to them. Fun game, but there's nothing more I can do to improve my game play it would seem without spending hours waiting for that one character that happens to have a good choice.

I don't know why but when I try to play the game, everything is black except the bear, stomach and heart. Is it just me? or is it possible I downloaded an incorrect one? I downloaded the Windows one.

Is there anyway to turn the eating sound off? I mean, I get that eating is the whole point of the game, but after a certain point the sound becomes so grating it's nearly unbearable (see what did there?). I know that I could simply turn the volume off, but I really like the music.


Sorta sad cause I keep trying to download it and the button isn't working :(

Can you please make a version that runs on chrome OS? I really want to play the game but all I have is a chrome book.

I had fun! even if I was a dreadful bear and starved in the winter. The different status effects you could pick up from characters was brilliant, which made me more bold with decisions hoping to make more funny changes happen.

Thanks for playing!

The presentation on this is just superb. Lovely art, music, characterisation, seasons passing, title screen, lots of little touches. All the conversation choices are great, too!

I also checked out your site and also loved that!

I'm not sure why my heart turned black but I had fun playing. It's cute and didn't see any bugs. How many characters can you encounter?


We had originally planned for around 30 but we didn't have time before the end of the jam. I'm going to do an update to correct some balancing this week which should make it clearer about how your heart gets dark and why.

Thanks for playing!

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